30833 Hoover Road | Warren, Michigan
(586) 578-0996

your number one source for industrial footwear


Industrial Footwear, LLC is proud to sell the highest quality work shoes & boots you’ll find in the area.

Industrial Footwear in Warren, Michigan (outside of Detroit) supplies businesses with comfortable safety shoes for their workforce. We carry a wide range of men's and women's work shoes, work boots, slip-resistant shoes, and more.

Industrial Footwear, LLC helps our customers build and maintain comprehensive occupational footwear programs.

We are the trusted name in occupational safety footwear in Michigan. Industrial Footwear, LLC exemplifies the ideals of working with exceptional companies devoted to providing their employees with a top-quality safety footwear program.


Our Customers Share Their Feedback

"Today, I went to another major company and received horrible service. I was feeling pretty bummed that this bias is still in plain view, until I came to Industrial Footwear where I met the most pleasant customer service person ever. I will recommend them to anybody. They go above and beyond to make sure you're happy with your purchase. YOU'VE GOT A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE."

"Great service and they carry more insoles for your shoes than anyone else in the state. Regularly come here to try different Powerstep insoles. If your feet hurt, stop in! They also carry tons of work boots and other shoes."

"When i told him i was a union worker he took off 15% and threw in a pair of shoe laces and two free pair of socks. Any way for all you union workers out there he has MADE IN THE U.S.A BOOTS flat-soled for u ironworkers!!!"

"Small store but great service and John goes out of his way to help you. This guy knows his shoes!"

"He has a great selection and can order what he doesn't have in stock. Very knowledgeable with 30+ years of experience!"



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